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Advanced Research And Projects Agency - Energy Financial Assistance Program (81.135)

Project Grants

To support the President¡¯s National Objectives for the Department of Energy.


Conservation Research And Development (81.086)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To conduct a balanced, long-term research effort in Buildings Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Freedom Car and Transportation Technologies and Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies. Grants will be offered on a competitive basis...


Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Research (81.113)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To conduct basic and applied research and development that enhances U.S. national security and reduces the global danger from the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and special nuclear materials through needs-driven research and...


Electricity Delivery And Energy Reliability, Research, Development And Analysis (81.122)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

Through research, development, demonstration, technology transfer, and education and outreach activities, modernize and expand America's electric delivery system to ensure a more reliable and robust electricity supply, and enhance economic and...


Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Information Dissemination, Outreach, Training And Technical Analysis/Assistance (81.117)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The Department of Energy (DOE) seeks to provide financial assistance for information dissemination, outreach, training and related technical analysis/assistance which will: (1) stimulate increased energy efficiency in transportation, buildings,...


Epidemiology And Other Health Studies Financial Assistance Program (81.108)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide financial support for research, education, conferences, communication, and other activities relating to the health of Department of Energy workers, as well as other populations potentially exposed to health hazards associated with energy...


Federal Loan Guarantees For Innovative Energy Technologies (81.126)

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To encourage, through the use of Federal loan guarantees, early commercial use in the United States of new or significantly improved technologies in energy projects that; 1) avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of...


Fossil Energy Research And Development (81.089)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The mission of the Fossil Energy (FE) Research and Development program is to promote the development and use of environmentally and economically superior technologies for supply, conversion, delivery, utilization and reliability constraints of...


Granting Of Patent Licenses (81.003)

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To encourage widespread utilization of inventions covered by DOE owned patents.


Inventions And Innovations (81.036)

Project Grants; Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information.

To encourage the development and commercialization of energy-saving inventions by providing financial and technical assistance to projects that have a potential for significant energy savings and future commercialization markets through a...


National Industrial Competitiveness Through Energy, Environment, And Economics (81.105)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

This program is in close-out. Financial assistance will not be provided in the future.


National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) Program (81.123)

Project Grants.

The program's primary focus is to engage minority serving institutions (MSIs) in NNSA mission activities, collaborative research projects throughout the NNSA complex, and future workforce development.


Nuclear Energy Research, Development And Demonstration (81.121)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

Provide financial assistance to address key issues affecting the worldwide use of nuclear energy through the research, development, and demonstration of science and technology fields related to nuclear energy and its underlying sciences.


Nuclear Waste Disposal Siting (81.065)

Direct Payments for Specified Use; Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide for the development of repositories for the disposal of high-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel; to establish a program of research, development, and demonstration regarding the disposal of high-level radioactive waste and...


Office Of Environmental Waste Processing (81.104)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

In an effort to more directly support opportunities identified in the Office of Environmental Management (EM) cleanup acceleration initiatives, the Office of Processing will be "projectizing" its Technology Development and Deployment Program. This...


Office Of Science Financial Assistance Program (81.049)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide financial support for fundamental research in the basic sciences and advanced technology concepts and assessments in fields related to energy.


Office Of Scientific And Technical Information (81.064)

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To advance science and sustain technological creativity by making R&D findings available and useful to the Department of Energy (DOE) researchers and the American people. To collect, preserve, disseminate, and leverage the scientific and technical...


Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP) (81.124)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

(1) To foster the science of building integrated, multi-scale, and multi-physics codes with the primary focus on code validation and verification to help advance the newly emergent predictive science in academia; (2) to promote and sustain...


Regional Biomass Energy Programs (81.079)

Project Grants.

Help meet the President's goal of significantly increasing America's use of fuels, chemicals, materials, and power made from domestic biomass on a sustainable basis. This is a Congressionally-directed project. Funding is not available to the general...


Renewable Energy Research And Development (81.087)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To conduct balanced research and development efforts in the following energy technologies: solar, biomass, hydrogen, fuel cells and infrastructure, wind and hydropower, hydrogen, and geothermal. Grants will be offered to develop and transfer to the...


State Energy Program (81.041)

Formula Grants.

Provide leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy through communications and outreach activities, technology deployment, and accessing new partnerships and resources across the geographic panorama of the United...


State Energy Program Special Projects (81.119)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To allow States to submit proposals to implement specific Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy deployment activities and initiatives as Special Projects under the State Energy Program. States will compete for...


Stewardship Science Grant Program (81.112)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

(1) To grow the U.S. scientific community through university involvement in areas of fundamental science and technology relevant to stockpile stewardship; (2) to promote and sustain scientific interactions between the academic community and...


Transport Of Transuranic Wastes To The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: States And Tribal Concerns, Proposed Solutions (81.106)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To enlist cooperation among the Tribal and the Southern, Western, Northeast, and Midwest state governments along the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) shipping corridors in developing plans and procedures for the safe and uneventful transportation...


University Coal Research (81.057)

Project Grants.

To improve scientific and technical understanding of the chemistry and physics involved in the conversion and utilization of coal. The primary objective is to fund long-term, high-risk, meritorious fundamental research for the advancement of science...


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