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9/11 Heroes Stamp Program (97.085)

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

Provide assistance, derived from proceeds of the Hero postal stamp sales, to the personal representatives of emergency relief personnel killed or those physically permanently disabled while serving in the line of duty in connection with the...


Advanced Surveillance Program (ASP) (97.118)

Project Grants

To provide enhanced remote security and surveillance capability of passenger/baggage screening areas and airport perimeter areas. The ASP partners with airport authorities to enable Transportation Security Officers with real-time access to, as well...


Airport Checked Baggage Screening Program (97.100)

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To support U.S. commercial airports in implementing and maintaining security compliance requirements and capabilities related to in-line Baggage Handling System electronic explosive detection screening of checked baggage, as mandated by the Aviation...


Alternative Housing Pilot Program (97.087)

Project Grants.

Evaluate the efficacy of non-traditional short and intermediate-term housing alternatives for potential future use in a catastrophic disaster environment. Identify, develop and evaluate alternatives to and alternative forms of FEMA Disaster Housing...


Assistance To Firefighters Grant (97.044)

Project Grants.

To provide financial assistance directly to fire departments and nonaffiliated EMS organizations to enhance their capabilities with respect to fire and fire-related hazards. To help fire departments and nonaffiliated EMS organizations meet their...


Assistance To Firefighters Grant (ARRA) (97.115)

Project Grants

To provide financial assistance directly to fire departments to enhance their capabilities with respect to fire and fire-related hazards. To provide financial assistance in the construction, upgrading or rehabilitation of fire stations.


Aviation Research Grants (97.069)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Use of Property, Facilities, and Equipment.

To encourage and support innovative, advanced, and applied research and development in areas of potential benefit to the long-term growth of civil aviation security.


Boating Safety (97.011)

Provision of Specialized Services; Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information; Training.

To improve safe operations and uses of water craft.


Boating Safety Financial Assistance (97.012)

Formula Grants.

To encourage greater State participation and uniformity in boating safety, particularly to permit the States to assume the greater share of boating safety education, assistance, and enforcement activities, and to assist the States in developing,...


Border Infrastructure Improvement Projects (97.112)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To implement border security infrastructure improvement projects and initiatives by providing funding, technical assistance and other resources to border communities.


Bridge Alteration (97.014)

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To accomplish alteration of obstructive bridges to render navigation through or under it reasonably free, easy, and unobstructed for the benefit of navigation. In accordance with the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1996, permanent authority exists...


Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) (97.078)

Project Grants.

The Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) provides funding for the planning, equipment, and management of protective actions, to support the objective of protecting, securing, and reducing vulnerabilities of identified critical infrastructure and...


Centers For Homeland Security (97.061)

Project Grants.

Establishment of a coordinated, university-based system to enhance the Nation's homeland security. The Department of Homeland Security Centers are envisioned to be an integral and critical component of the new homeland security complex that will...


Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (97.040)

Project Grants.

To enhance emergency preparedness capabilities of the States, local, and tribal communities at each of the eight chemical agent stockpile storage facilities. The purpose of the program is to assist States and local communities in efforts to improve...


Citizen Corps (97.053)

Project Grants.

The purpose of Citizen Corps is to bring together community and government leaders to coordinate community involvement in emergency preparedness, planning, mitigation, response and recovery.


Citizenship Education And Training (97.010)

Dissemination of Technical Information; Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements or Contracts).

To promote instruction and training in citizenship responsibilities for persons interested in becoming naturalized citizens of the United States and to initiate and further efforts on their part to learn the English language and acquire the...


Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance Program (CEDAP) (97.096)

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To enhance regional response capabilities, mutual aid, and interoperable communications by providing technology and equipment, together with training and technical assistance required to operate that equipment, to public safety agencies in smaller...


Community Assistance Program State Support Services Element (Cap-Ssse) (97.023)

Project Grants.

To ensure that communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are achieving flood loss reduction measures consistent with program direction. The CAP-SSSE is intended to identify, prevent and resolve floodplain management...


Community Disaster Loans (97.030)

Direct Loans.

To provide loans subject to Congressional loan authority, to any local government that has suffered substantial loss of revenues in an area in which the President designates a major disaster exists. The funds can only be used to maintain existing...


Competitive Training Grants (97.068)

Project Grants.

To support the training initiatives that are national in scope and further the FEMA mission to reduce the loss of life, property and protect the Nation from all hazards, including natural disasters, acts of terrorisms, and other man-made disasters,...


Cooperating Technical Partners (97.045)

Project Grants.

To increase local involvement in, and ownership of, the development and maintenance of flood hazard maps produced for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Cora Brown Fund (97.031)

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To use funds made possible by a bequest of funds from the late Cora C. Brown of Kansas City, Missouri, who left a portion of her estate to the United States for the purpose of helping victims of natural disasters not caused by or attributed to war. ...


Crisis Counseling (97.032)

Project Grants.

To provide immediate crisis counseling services, when required, to victims of a major Federally-declared disaster for the purpose of addressing mental health problems caused or aggravated by a major disaster or its aftermath. Assistance is...


Cuban/Haitian Entrant Program (97.009)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

(1) To provide primary resettlement services to Cubans and Haitians, paroled into the United States by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for humanitarian reasons and; (2) to provide secondary resettlement assistance to Cuban and Haitian...


Debris Removal Insurance (97.064)


The project will consist of the incorporation of a captive insurance company by the City of New York in the State of New York to insure the City and its contractors for claims arising from debris removal at the World Trade Center following the...


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