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Alcohol, Tobacco, And Firearms-Training Assistance (16.012)


To help the participant identify the laws relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, and provide training in specific investigative skills and techniques, and to help State, county, and local law enforcement officers improve their law...


Americans With Disabilities Act Technical Assistance Program (16.108)

Dissemination of Technical Information; Training; Investigation of Complaints; Project Grants.

To ensure that public accommodations and commercial facilities and State and local governments learn of the requirements of Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and acquire the knowledge needed to comply voluntarily with...


Anti-Gang Initiative (16.744)

Project Grants.

To provide support for new and expanded anti-gang enforcement and prevention activities under the Project Safe Neighborhood Initiative (PSN).


Antiterrorism Emergency Reserve (16.321)

Project Grants (Contracts); Direct Payments for Specified Use.

Encompasses two programs for victims of terrorism and/or mass violence: (1) Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (AEAP) and (2) The International Terrorism Victim Expense Reimbursement Program (ITVERP). The AEAP provides assistance and...


Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program (16.607)

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To protect the lives of law enforcement officers by helping State, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies provide officers with armored vests.


Capital Case Litigation (16.746)

Project Grants.

To provide attorneys and judges who litigate death penalty cases, with specialized legal training and technical assistance on death penalty issues in an effort to improve the quality of representation, produce reliable jury verdicts and minimize...


Children's Justice Act Partnerships For Indian Communities (16.583)

Project Grants; Direct Payments for Specified Use.

Fifteen percent of the first $20 million of funds from the Crime Victims Fund that are transferred to the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the Children's Justice Act are to be statutorily reserved by the Office for Victims of Crime...


Civil Rights Of Institutionalized Persons (16.105)

Provision of Specialized Services.

To initiate actions for redress in cases involving deprivations of rights of institutionalized persons secured and protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. To prevent any government from imposing a substantial burden on the...


Civil Rights Prosecution (16.109)

Project Grants.

To reduce police and other official criminal misconduct, to reduce violent activity by private citizens (including organized hate groups) against others because of their race, religion, national origin, or sex, which interferes with the Federal and...


Closed-Circuit Televising Of Child Victims Of Abuse (16.611)

Project Grants.

To provide equipment and personnel training for the closed-circuit televising and videotaping of the testimony of children in criminal proceedings for the violation of laws relating to the abuse of children.


Combined DNA Index System (16.307)

Project Grants.

To develop or improve forensic DNA analysis capabilities in State and local crime laboratories. The Combined DNA Index Systems (CODIS) allows State and local crime laboratories to store and match DNA records.


Community Prosecution And Project Safe Neighborhoods (16.609)

Project Grants.

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a nationwide commitment and a comprehensive, strategic approach to reducing gun crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing those programs with additional tools.


Community Relations Service (16.200)

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide free Federal conciliation and mediation services to communities in preventing and resolving community tensions, conflicts, and civil disorders arising from actions, policies, and practices that are perceived to be based on race,...


Comprehensive Approaches To Sex Offender Management Discretionary Grant (CASOM) (16.203)

Project Grants (Discretionary); Training.

To assist state, local and tribal jurisdictions in improving their adult and/or juvenile sex offender management policies and practices by critically examining existing approaches to monitoring and managing the population; identifying significant...


Congressionally Recommended Awards (16.753)

Project Grants.

To provide leadership and direction in improving the functioning of the criminal justice system.


Convicted Offender And/Or Arrestee DNA Backlog Reduction Program (In-House Analysis And Data Review) (16.748)

Formula Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The objective of this program is to accelerate the analysis of convicted offender and/or arrestee DNA samples collected by States pursuant to applicable law for databasing purposes (hereinafter, "DNA database samples"), in order to provide timely...


Correctional Grant Program For Indian Tribes (16.596)

Project Grants.

To assist Indian tribes with the construction of jails on tribal lands for the incarceration of offenders subject to tribal jurisdiction.


Corrections-Research And Evaluation And Policy Formulation (16.602)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements or Contracts); Provision of Specialized Services; Dissemination of Technical Information.

To conduct, encourage, and coordinate research relating to corrections including the causes, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of criminal offenders. To conduct evaluation programs which study the effectiveness of new approaches, techniques,...


Corrections-Technical Assistance/Clearinghouse (16.603)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements or Contracts); Provision of Specialized Services; Dissemination of Technical Information.

To encourage and assist Federal, State, and local government programs and services, and programs and services of other public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations in their efforts to develop and implement improved corrections...


Corrections-Training And Staff Development (16.601)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Project Grants (Contracts); Provision of Specialized Services; Dissemination of Technical Information; Training.

To devise and conduct in various geographical locations, seminars, workshops, and training programs for law enforcement officers, judges and judicial personnel, probation and parole personnel, correctional personnel, welfare workers and other...


Crime Victim Assistance (16.575)

Formula Grants.

Enacted in 1984, the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) is the central source of federal financial support for direct services to victim of crime. VOCA is administered at the federal level through the U.S. Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime...


Crime Victim Assistance/Discretionary Grants (16.582)

Project Grants; Direct Payments for Specified Use.

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) administers a discretionary grant program and other assistance programs for crime victims with amounts set-aside from deposits into the Crime Victims Fund for (a) demonstration projects and training and...


Crime Victim Compensation (16.576)

Formula Grants.

The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), U.S. Department of Justice, administers the Crime Victim Compensation formula grant program. OVC annually awards a grant to each state, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico...


Crime Victims' Rights Act (16.747)

Project Grants.

The purpose of the FY 2007 project is to enhance and establish crime victim legal clinics to ensure enforcement of victims' rights. It will also place a social worker/community liaison within each clinic for outreach to victims and other...


Criminal And Juvenile Justice And Mental Health Collaboration Program (16.745)

Project Grants.

To increase public safety by facilitating collaboration among the criminal justice, juvenile justice, mental health treatment, and substance abuse systems to increase access to treatment.


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