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Brookwood-Sago Grant (17.603)

Project Grants.

To provide mine safety and health training and education programs for workers and mine operators, to better identify, avoid, and prevent unsafe working conditions in and around mines. To establish and implement education and training programs, or to...


Coal Mine Workers' Compensation (17.307)

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To provide benefits to coal miners who have become totally disabled due to coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP), and to widows and other surviving dependents of miners who have died of this disease.


Community Based Job Training Grants (17.269)

Project Grants.

Technology and innovation, globalization, and the aging of America's workforce are continuously changing the nature of work and, indeed, the workplace. Businesses in high-growth, high-demand industries face increasing difficulties in finding workers...


Compensation And Working Conditions (17.005)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide timely and relevant data on levels and trends in wages; employee benefits; occupational safety and health; and work stoppages.


Consultation Agreements (17.504)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To fund consultative workplace safety and health services, targeting smaller employers with more hazardous operations.


Consumer Credit Protection (17.306)

Advisory Services and Counseling; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide restrictions on the amount of an employee's wages or salary which may be garnisheed, and prohibit employers from discharging employees by reason of garnishment for any one indebtedness.


Disability Employment Policy Development (17.720)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) provides national leadership on disability employment policy to the Department of Labor (DOL) and other Federal agencies. ODEP develops and fosters implementation of comprehensive and integrated...


Disabled Veterans' Outreach Program (DVOP) (17.801)

Formula Grants.

To provide intensive services to meet the employment needs of disabled and other eligible veterans; and, to provide maximum emphasis in meeting the employment needs of those who are economically or educationally disadvantaged, including homeless...


Employee Benefits Security Administration (17.150)

Dissemination of Technical Information.

The primary mission of EBSA is to protect the pension health and other benefits of American workers and their families. EBSA is committed to educating and assisting the 150 million Americans covered by more than 683,000 private retirement plans, 2.5...


Employment Service/Wagner-Peyser Funded Activities (17.207)

Formula Grants; Project Grants.

To assist persons to secure employment and workforce information by providing a variety of job search assistance and information services without charge to job seekers and to employers seeking qualified individuals to fill job openings.


Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (17.310)

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

Part B provides lump-sum monetary payments of and medical benefits to covered employees and, where applicable, to survivors of such employees, of the Department of Energy (DOE), its predecessor agencies and certain of its vendors, contractors and...


Farm Labor Contractor Registration (17.308)

Advisory Services and Counseling; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide protection in the areas of wages, housing and transportation for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers.


H-1B Job Training Grants (17.268)

Project Grants.

The H-1B Job Training Grant Program consists of two parts the High Growth Job Training Initiative and the Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development (WIRED) Initiative. The President's High Growth Job Training Initiative represents the...


Homeless Veterans Reintegration Project (17.805)

Project Grants.

To provide services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into meaningful employment within the labor force; and to stimulate the development of effective service delivery systems that will address the complex problems facing homeless...


Incentive Grants - WIA Section 503 (17.267)

Formula Grants; Project Grants.

To carry out innovative programs consistent with the purposes of Title I of WIA (Workforce Investment Systems), Title II of WIA (Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA), 20 U.S.C. 9201 et seq.), the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied...


Labor Force Statistics (17.002)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide statistical data on labor force activities and to provide data for analyzing the effect of current and long-run economic developments on employment trends.


Labor Organization Reports (17.309)

Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide for the reporting and disclosure of, financial transactions and administrative practices of labor organizations, employers, labor consultants and others required to report under the Landrum-Griffin Act; to provide standards for the...


Local Veterans' Employment Representative Program (17.804)

Formula Grants.

Conduct outreach to employers including conducting seminars for employers, conducting job search workshops and establishing job search groups; and to facilitate employment, training, and placement services furnished to veterans in a State under the...


Longshore And Harbor Workers' Compensation (17.302)

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To provide compensation for disability or death resulting from injury, including occupational disease, to eligible private employees.


Mine Health And Safety Counseling And Technical Assistance (17.601)

Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information.

To improve conditions of health and safety in and around coal, metal and nonmetallic mines and mineral facilities through technical advice, special studies, investigations, development of State mine health and safety programs.


Mine Health And Safety Education And Training (17.602)


To provide technical training for Federal mine inspectors and representatives of the mining industry.


Mine Health And Safety Grants (17.600)

Project Grants.

To assist States in providing safety and health training and developing programs to improve mine health and safety conditions.


National Farmworker Jobs Program (17.264)

Formula Grants.

To provide job training and other employability development services and related assistance for those individuals, including their dependents, who are primarily employed in agricultural labor that is characterized by chronic unemployment and...


Native American Employment And Training (17.265)

Project Grants.

To support employment and training activities for Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian individuals in order: to develop more fully the academic, occupational, and literacy skills of such individuals; to make such individuals more competitive...


Non-Discrimination And Affirmative Action By Federal Contractors And Federally Assisted Construction Contractors (17.301)

Investigation of Complaints.

To assure non-discrimination and affirmative action in employment by covered Federal contractors, including Federal construction contractors, and federally assisted construction contractors.


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