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Federal Programs - Office Of Personnel Management (OPM)

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Federal Civil Service Employment (27.001)

Federal Employment.

To fill U.S. Government job vacancies with the best qualified applicants available.


Federal Employment Assistance For Veterans (27.002)

Federal Employment.

To provide assistance to veterans in obtaining Federal employment.


Federal Employment For Individuals With Disabilities (27.005)

Federal Employment.

To encourage Federal agencies to provide assistance to persons with disabilities, including disabled veterans, in obtaining and retaining Federal employment, with or without reasonable accommodations including readers, interpreters, and other...


Federal Student Temporary Employment Program (27.003)

Federal Employment.

To give students an opportunity for part-time temporary employment with Federal agencies in order to allow them to continue their education without interruptions caused by financial pressures.


Federal Summer Employment (27.006)

Federal Employment.

To provide summer employment primarily for college students and high school students.


Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program (27.011)

Provision of Specialized Services; Advisory Services and Counseling.

To facilitate Federal-State-local cooperation and to aid in solving problems and delivering improved services at all government levels through the sharing of professional, administrative, and technical expertise.


Presidential Management Intern Program (27.013)

Federal Employment; Training; Provision of Specialized Services.

To attract to the Federal service graduate students of exceptional potential who are receiving advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines and who have a clear interest in and a commitment to a career in the analysis and management of...



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