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Edward Byrne Memorial Formula Grant Program

Program Descriptions

Program Number



Edward Byrne Memorial Formula Grant Program


Federal Agency




Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, as amended, Title I, 42 U.S.C. 50 et seq. Public Law 109-162, Title XI - Department of Justice Reauthorization, Subtitle B-Improving the Department of Justice's Grant Programs, Chapter 1-Assisting Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Agencies, Sec. 1111. Merger of Byrne Grant Program and Local Law Enforcement Block Grant Program.






To reduce and prevent illegal drug activity, crime, and violence and to improve the functioning of the criminal justice system.


Types of Assistance

Formula Grants.


Uses and Use Restrictions

Funds may be used to support 29 specified purpose areas as outlined in the authorizing legislation. Funds may be used to provide additional personnel, equipment, facilities (including upgraded and additional law enforcement crime laboratories), personnel training and equipment for more widespread apprehension, prosecution and adjudication of persons who violate state and local laws relating to the production, possession and transfer of controlled substances and to improve the criminal justice system. The Act restricts the use of these funds for supplanting state and local funds and land acquisition, and construction other than penal or correctional facilities.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

All States, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Islands.

Beneficiary Eligibility

State and units of local governments.


Costs will be determined in accordance with OMB Circular No. A-87 for State and local governments.


Application and Award Process

Preapplication Coordination

This program is eligible for coverage under E.O. 12372 "Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs." An applicant should consult the office or official designated as the single point of contact in his or her State for more information on the process the State requires to be followed in applying for assistance. The standard application forms (SF-424) as furnished by the Federal agency in accordance with 28 CFR, Part 66 (Common Rule), must be used with this program.

Application Procedure

Applications are submitted to BJA following the criteria set out in the Act, OJP Financial Guide, and Byrne Formula Grant Program Guidance. This program is excluded from coverage under OMB Circular No. A-110. All applications must be submitted electronically by the Office of Justice Programs Grants Management System (GMS) at Applications or supplemental materials received by facsimile or postal mail will not be accepted.

Award Procedure

Letter to the Governor upon approval by BJA, with copies of the grant award sent to the designated State Administrative Agency. One copy of the grant award must be signed by Chief Executive's designee and returned to BJA.


See the program solicitation or contact the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, for application deadline at 1- 866-859-2687 or by e-mail at: Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the signing of the appropriation by the President.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time

The State Administering Agency will receive a grant award notification, no later than 45 days after receipt of application. BJA will also notify the State congressional representatives, the governor and State U.S. attorneys.


See 28 C.F.R., Part 18.



Assistance Considerations

Formula and Matching Requirements

Each participant State will receive a base amount of $500,000 or 25 percent of the amount available for the program, whichever is greater, with the remaining funds allocated to each State on the basis of the State's relative share of total U.S. population. If a State elects not to participate, all funds may be awarded directly to local units of government and combinations of units of local governments within the State. (a) Funds from the Act may be used to pay up to 75 percent of the cost of a program or project. The remaining nonfederal share will be provided in cash. Match for the formula grant programs will be provided for on a project-by-project basis, State-wide basis, unit-of-government basis, or a combination of the above. Requests will be contained in the application. (b) Funds distributed to an Indian tribe which performs law enforcement functions (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior) for any program or project described in the Act shall be 100 percent of such costs.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance

48 months/4 years.


Post Assistance Requirements


Financial reports are required quarterly, as required by the OJP financial guide. An annual performance report is also required.


Payments and transactions are subject to audits by the Government Accountability Office, Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General, State or local government auditors, and auditors from independent public accounting firms. Jurisdictions must follow their local policies and procedures, including maintenance of reliable and accurate accounting systems, record keeping, and systems of internal control. All organizations that expend financial assistance of $500,000 or more in any fiscal year must have a single audit for that year in accordance with OMB Circular No. A-133, as amended, unless the audit condition on the award says otherwise. These audits are due to the cognizant Federal agency not later than 9 months after the end of the grantee's fiscal year. Performance Measures: To assist in fulfilling the Department's responsibilities under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), P.L. 103-62, applicants who receive funding under this solicitation must provide data that measures the results of their work.


Grantee must keep complete records on disposition of funds.


Financial Information

Account Identification



FY 07 $0; FY 08 est not available; and FY 09 est not available.

Range and Average of Financial Assistance

Varies. This is a formula based funding program.


Program Accomplishments

See State Annual Reports.


Regulations, Guidelines and Literature

The OJP Financial Guide, Byrne Formula Grant Program Guidance.


Information Contacts

Regional or Local Office

Please contact your local State Administrative Agency (SAA).

Headquarters Office

Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, Department of Justice, Washington, DC 20531. Contact: Programs Office. Telephone: (202) 616-6500 or (1-866) 859-2687.

Web Site Address

Edward Byrne Memorial Local Law Enforcement Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)


Related Programs

16.580, Edward Byrne Memorial State And Local Law Enforcement Assistance Discretionary Grants Program
16.738, Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program


Examples of Funded Projects

Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Enforcement Task Forces, Criminal Justice System Improvement, Violent Crime Prevention, DARE Education, Community Policing Training and Technical Assistance Projects.


Criteria for Selecting Proposals

Applications are reviewed to determine compliance with applicable guideline requirements.


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