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Standard Reference Materials

Program Descriptions

Program Number



Standard Reference Materials


Federal Agency




National Bureau of Standards Organic Act, Public Law 56-177, as amended, 15 U.S.C. 272 et seq.






Standard Reference Materials are certified and issued by NIST to develop accurate methods of analysis; to calibrate measurement systems used to: (1) facilitate the exchange of goods, (2) institute quality control, (3) determine material performance characteristics, (4) measure materials at state-of-the-art limits, and (5) assure the long-term adequacy and integrity of measurement quality assurance programs.


Types of Assistance

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.


Uses and Use Restrictions

Standard Reference Materials are used as primary reference measurement standards in such areas as clinical laboratories testing, air and water pollution monitoring, low-level radioactive pollution monitoring, and production control of basic materials, such as steel, rubber, cement, and plastics. Standard Reference Materials are intended for measurement quality control, regulatory compliance, product development, and scientific research.


Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

Federal agencies, State and local governments, societies, institutions, firms, corporations, and individuals may purchase the materials.

Beneficiary Eligibility

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Application and Award Process

Preapplication Coordination

None. This program is excluded from coverage under E.O. 12372.

Application Procedure

Purchase orders should be directed to the Standard Reference Materials Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 2322, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-2322.

Award Procedure

Not applicable.


Not applicable.

Range of Approval/Disapproval Time

Not applicable.


Not applicable.



Assistance Considerations

Formula and Matching Requirements

Not applicable.

Length and Time Phasing of Assistance

Not applicable.


Post Assistance Requirements


Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Not applicable.


Financial Information

Account Identification



(Operating expenses) FY 07 $12,025,100; FY 08 est not available; and FY 09 est not reported.

Range and Average of Financial Assistance

Not applicable.


Program Accomplishments

In fiscal year 2006 sales are estimated to be 30,500 units.


Regulations, Guidelines and Literature

General information is available at no cost from the Standard Reference Materials Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive Stop 2322, Building 820, Room 135, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-2322. Email: Catalogs and price lists may be viewed electronically by accessing URL or can be obtained from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402 (Order C13.10.260).


Information Contacts

Regional or Local Office

Department of Commerce field offices listed in Appendix IV of the Catalog.

Headquarters Office

Standard Reference Materials Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 2322, Building 820, Room 113, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-2322. Telephone: (301) 975-6776. Use the same number for FTS. Fax: (301) 948-3730. E- mail:

Web Site Address


Related Programs

11.601, Calibration Program
11.603, National Standard Reference Data System
11.650, National Technical Information Service


Examples of Funded Projects

Not applicable.


Criteria for Selecting Proposals

Not applicable.


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