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Federal Programs - Alphabetical Title F

Fair Competition Counseling And Investigation Of Complaints

Advisory Services and Counseling; Investigation of Complaints.

To prevent business practices that are anticompetitive or deceptive or unfair to consumers; to enhance informed consumer choice and public understanding of the competitive process; and to accomplish these missions without unduly burdening legitimate...


Fair Housing And Equal Credit Opportunity

Provision of Specialized Services.

The Fair Housing Act provides freedom from discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap and familial status in connection with the sale, rental, and financing of housing and other related activities. The Equal...


Fair Housing Assistance Program-State And Local

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide assistance to State and local fair housing enforcement agencies to support complaint processing, training, technical assistance, education and outreach, data and information systems and other activities that will further fair housing...


Fair Housing Initiatives Program

Project Grants.

To develop, implement, carry out, or coordinate programs and/or activities to educate the public about, as well as provide enforcement of, fair housing rights under the Fair Housing Act; 42 U.S.C. 3601-3619 or State or local laws that provide...


Family And Community Violence Prevention Program

Project Grants.

To establish Family Life Centers on the campuses of 24 minority institutions of higher education to: 1) assess local community resources for violence prevention projects; 2) coordinate activities with existing violence prevention projects; 3) design...


Family Connection Grants

Project Grants.

To provide matching grants to State, local or tribal child welfare agencies and private nonprofit organizations that have experience in working with foster children or children in kinship care arrangements for the purpose of helping children who are...


Family Planning-Personnel Training

Project Grants.

To provide job specific training for personnel to improve the delivery of family planning services.


Family Planning-Service Delivery Improvement Research Grants

Project Grants.

To promote service delivery improvement through research studies and application of knowledge.


Family Planning-Services

Project Grants.

To provide educational, counseling, comprehensive medical and social services necessary to enable individuals to freely determine the number and spacing of their children, and by so doing helping to reduce maternal and infant mortality, promote the...


Family Support Payments To States-Assistance Payments

Formula Grants.

To provide aid to the aged, blind, and the permanently and totally disabled in Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.


Family Unification Program (FUP)

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To aid families for whom the lack of adequate housing is the primary factor in the separation, or the threat of imminent separation, of children from their families, and youths ages 18-21 years old who left foster care at age 16 or older and lack...


Family Violence Prevention And Services/Grants For Battered Women's Shelters-Discretionary Grants

Project Grants.

To fund a wide range of discretionary activities for the purpose of preventing family violence; protecting victims and their dependents; improving the design, delivery, and coordination of services to address family violence; gathering information...


Family Violence Prevention And Services/Grants For Battered Women's Shelters-Grants To State Domestic Violence Coalitions

Formula Grants.

To further the purposes of domestic violence intervention and prevention through coordination, training, and collaboration with systems that affect battered women; to provide services, community education and technical assistance to such programs to...


Family Violence Prevention And Services/Grants For Battered Women's Shelters-Grants To States And Indian Tribes

Formula Grants.

To assist States and Indian Tribes in the prevention of family violence and the provision of immediate shelter and related assistance for victims of family violence and their dependents.


Farm And Ranch Lands Protection Program

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To purchase conservation easements to limit conversion to non-agricultural uses of farm and ranch lands that contain prime, unique, or important soils or historical and archaeological resources.


Farm Labor Contractor Registration

Advisory Services and Counseling; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide protection in the areas of wages, housing and transportation for migrant and seasonal agricultural workers.


Farm Labor Housing Loans And Grants

Project Grants; Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To provide decent, safe, and sanitary low-rent housing and related facilities for domestic farm laborers.


Farm Operating Loans

Direct Loans; Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To enable operators of not larger than family farms through the extension of credit and supervisory assistance, to make efficient use of their land, labor, and other resources, and to establish and maintain financially viable farming and ranching...


Farm Ownership Loans

Direct Loans; Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To assist eligible farmers, ranchers, and aquaculture operators, including farming cooperatives, corporations, partnerships, and joint operations, through the extension of credit and supervisory assistance to: Become owner-operators of not larger...


Farm Storage Facility Loans

Direct Loans.

To encourage the construction of on farm grain storage capacity and to help farmers adapt to identity preserved storage and handling requirements for genetically enhanced production.


Farmers' Market Promotion Program

Project Grants.

To increase domestic consumption of agricultural commodities by improving and expanding, or assisting in the improvement and expansion of, domestic farmers markets, roadside stands, community-supported agriculture programs, and other direct...


Federal Citizen Information Center

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide citizens direct access to information about and from their government through an array of information channels including and other targeted websites, the National Contact Center, and print materials distributed through Pueblo,...


Federal Civil Service Employment

Federal Employment.

To fill U.S. Government job vacancies with the best qualified applicants available.


Federal Direct Student Loans

Direct Loans.

To provide loan capital directly from the Federal government (rather than through private lenders) to vocational, undergraduate, and graduate postsecondary school students and their parents.


Federal Employment Assistance For Veterans

Federal Employment.

To provide assistance to veterans in obtaining Federal employment.


Federal Employment For Individuals With Disabilities

Federal Employment.

To encourage Federal agencies to provide assistance to persons with disabilities, including disabled veterans, in obtaining and retaining Federal employment, with or without reasonable accommodations including readers, interpreters, and other...


Federal Family Education Loans

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To encourage lenders such as banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations, pension funds, insurance companies, and schools to make loans to vocational, undergraduate, and graduate students enrolled at eligible postsecondary institutions to...


Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation And Design

Direct Payments for Specified Use; Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To use visual arts programs and a nation-wide art contest to teach students in kindergarten through high school environmental science, wildlife management, wetlands ecology, and the importance of habitat conservation.


Federal Loan Guarantees For Innovative Energy Technologies

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To encourage, through the use of Federal loan guarantees, early commercial use in the United States of new or significantly improved technologies in energy projects that; 1) avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of...


Federal Oil And Gas Royalty Management

Project Grants.

To ensure that all oil, gas, and solid minerals originated on the public lands and on the Outer Continental Shelf are properly accounted for under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, and for other purposes.


Federal Pell Grant Program

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide eligible undergraduate postsecondary students who have demonstrated financial need with grant assistance to help meet educational expenses.


Federal Perkins Loan Program-Federal Capital Contributions

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide low interest loans to eligible postsecondary students with demonstrated financial need to help meet educational expenses.


Federal Real Property Assistance Program

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To convey surplus Federal Real Property for educational purposes at fair market value.


Federal Reimbursement Of Emergency Health Services Furnished To Undocumented Aliens

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To reimburse eligible providers for their otherwise un-reimbursed costs associated with furnishing emergency health services to undocumented and certain other aliens.


Federal Resource Protection

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The Secretary of the Interior, in connection with Federal resource protection and administration of the use and occupancy of lands and waters within a Department of the Interior water resource development project, is authorized to cooperate with...


Federal Ship Financing Guarantees

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To provide competitive financing through the issuance of guarantees of debt issued for the purpose of financing or refinancing the construction, reconstruction or reconditioning of vessels built in United States shipyards and guarantee obligations...


Federal Student Temporary Employment Program

Federal Employment.

To give students an opportunity for part-time temporary employment with Federal agencies in order to allow them to continue their education without interruptions caused by financial pressures.


Federal Summer Employment

Federal Employment.

To provide summer employment primarily for college students and high school students.


Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide eligible undergraduate postsecondary students with demonstrated financial need with grant assistance to help meet educational expenses.


Federal Surplus Property Transfer Program

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To facilitate the possible no cost conveyance, by the General Services Administration, to State and local governments, of surplus real and related personal property determined by the Attorney General to be required for correctional facility use,...


Federal Transit-Capital Investment Grants

Formula Grants; Project Grants.

To assist in financing the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, and improvement of facilities, rolling stock and equipment for use in public transportation service. Funds are currently made available is three categories: Fixed Guideway...


Federal Transit-Formula Grants

Formula Grants.

To support public transportation services in urbanized areas (cities over 50,000 population).


Federal Transit-Metropolitan Planning Grants

Formula Grants.

To assist in development of transportation improvement programs, long-range transportation plans, and other technical studies in metropolitan areas.


Federal Work-Study Program

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide part-time employment to eligible postsecondary students to help meet educational expenses and encourage students receiving program assistance to participate in community service activities.


Federal-State Marketing Improvement

Project Grants.

To assist in exploring new market opportunities for U.S. food and agricultural products and to encourage research and innovation aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of the marketing system.


Financial Assistance For National Centers For Coastal Ocean Science

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To determine the long-term consequences of human activities which affect the coastal and marine environment; to assess the consequences of these activities in terms of ecological, economic, and social impacts upon human, physical and biotic...


Fire Management Assistance Grant

Project Grants; Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide grants to States, Indian tribal governments and local governments for the mitigation, management and control of any fire burning on publicly (nonfederal) or privately owned forest or grassland that threatens such destruction as would...


Fire Service Hazardous Materials Preparedness And Response

Project Grants.

Provide information to the fire and emergency services community, emergency managers, and other local government officials concerning issues related to the planning, mitigation, prevention, and response to hazardous materials incidents which...


Fireboat Construction

Project Grants.

The purpose of this grant is for Construction of a Fireboat/Harbor Patrol Vessel for the Portland Fire Department, Portland Maine. The purchase of a new fireboat will be used to serve the Portland Fire Department (PFD) in protecting Portland Harbor...


Firefighter/Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Outreach, Technology Transfer, Information Dissemination, And Technical Assistance

Project Grants.

To support firefighter/emergency medical service (EMS)health and safety issues, technology transfer, technical assistance, and information dissemination/outreach efforts.


Fish And Wildlife Coordination Act

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide financial assistance, through grants or cooperative agreements, to public or private organizations for the improvement of fish and wildlife habitats associated with water systems or water supplies affected by Bureau of Reclamation...


Fish And Wildlife Management Assistance

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide technical information, advice, and assistance to other Federal agencies, other nations, States, and Native Americans on the conservation and management of fish and wildlife resources, including co-management by Alaskan Natives of marine...


Fish, Wildlife And Plant Conservation Resource Management

Project Grants; Use of Property, Facilities, and Equipment; Provision of Specialized Services; Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information; Training.

To manage fish, wildlife and plant conservation resources on the public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management.


Fisheries Development And Utilization Research And Development Grants And Cooperative Agreements Program

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To increase greatly the Nation's wealth and quality of life through sustainable fisheries that support fishing industry jobs, safe and wholesome seafood, and recreational opportunities.


Fisheries Disaster Relief

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To deal with commercial fishery failures due to fishery resource disasters. Disaster causes may be (a) natural; (b) man-made (if they are "beyond the control of fisheries managers to mitigate through conservation and management measures"); or (c)...


Fisheries Finance Program

Direct Loans.

Provides direct loans for certain fisheries costs. Vessel financing available for the purchase of used vessels or the reconstruction of vessels (limited to reconstructions that do not add to fishing capacity). Refinancing available for existing debt...


Fishermen's Contingency Fund

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To compensate U.S. commercial fishermen for damage/loss of fishing gear and 50 percent of resulting economic loss due to oil and gas related activities in any area of the Outer Continental Shelf.


Fishermen's Guaranty Fund


To provide for reimbursement of losses incurred as a result of the seizure of a U.S. commercial fishing vessel by a foreign country on the basis of rights or claims in territorial waters or on the high seas, which are not recognized by the United...


Fishery Products Inspection And Certification

Provision of Specialized Services.

To ensure that the hygienic aspects of seafood harvesting and processing operations meet the minimum public health requirements and to determine and certify the identity, condition, and distributing quality, and quantity of seafood products.


Flood Control Projects

Provision of Specialized Services.

To reduce flood damages through projects not specifically authorized by Congress.


Flood Insurance


To enable persons to purchase insurance against physical damage to or loss of buildings and/or contents therein caused by floods, mudslide (i.e., mudflow), or flood-related erosion, thereby reducing Federal disaster assistance payments, and to...


Flood Mitigation Assistance

Project Grants.

To assist States and communities in implementing measures to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk of flood damage to buildings, manufactured homes, and other structures insurable under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).


Flood Plain Management Services

Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information.

To promote appropriate recognition of flood hazards in land and water use planning and development through the provision of flood and flood plain related data, technical services, and guidance.


Food And Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate Fellowship Grants

Project Grants.

To award grants to colleges and universities that have superior teaching and research competencies in the food and agricultural sciences to encourage outstanding students to pursue and complete a graduate degree at such institutions in an area of...


Food And Drug Administration-Research

Project Grants.

To assist institutions and organizations, to establish, expand, and improve research, demonstration, education and information dissemination activities; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), biologics, blood and blood products, therapeutics,...


Food Assistance And Nutrition Research Programs (FANRP)

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide economic and other social science information and analysis for public and private decisions on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. ERS produces such information for use by the general public and to help the executive...


Food Distribution Program On Indian Reservations

Project Grants; Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To improve the diets of needy persons in households on or near Indian reservations through the distribution of commodities.


Food For Education

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

The key objectives of the FFE program are to reduce hunger and improve literacy and primary education, especially for girls. By providing school meals, teacher training, and related support, FFE projects will help boost school enrollment and...


Food For Peace Development Assistance Program (DAP)

Project Grants; Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To improve access, availability and utilization of food in food insecure environments abroad. The priority for Title II development programs is a focus on improving household nutrition and health status, especially in children and mothers, and on...


Food For Peace Emergency Program (EP)

Project Grants; Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

To improve access, availability and utilization of food in food insecure environments abroad. The priority for Title II emergency programs is to prevent hunger and malnutrition in food insecure areas or countries.


Food For Progress

Sale, Exchange, or Donation of Property and Goods.

Agriculture commodities are provided to developing countries and emerging democracies committed to introducing and expanding free enterprise in the agricultural sector.


Food Safety And Security Monitoring Project

Cooperative Agreements.

To complement, develop and improve State, Indian Tribal, and local food safety and security testing programs through the provision of supplies, personnel, facility upgrades, training in current food testing methodologies and participation in...


Food Safety Cooperative Agreements

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To reduce the incidence of foodborne illnesses associated with meat, poultry, and egg products and to protect the food supply. FSIS is authorized to use cooperative agreements to reflect a relationship between FSIS and cooperators to carry out...


Foreign Assistance To American Schools And Hospitals Abroad (ASHA)

Project Grants.

The Foreign Assistance Program is dedicated to supporting long-term and equitable economic growth and advancing U.S. foreign policy objectives by supporting economic growth, agriculture and trade; global health; and democracy, conflict prevention...


Foreign Investment Financing

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To provide financing for projects sponsored by private U.S. businesses in developing countries and emerging economies throughout the world, thereby assisting development goals and improving U.S. competitiveness, creating American jobs and increasing...


Foreign Investment Insurance


To insure investments of eligible U.S. investors in developing countries and emerging markets, against the political risks of inconvertibility, expropriation, and political violence. Special programs include insuring (l)contractors and exporters...


Foreign Language Assistance

Project Grants.

To support innovative model programs of foreign language study in public elementary and secondary schools.


Foreign Market Development Cooperator Program

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To create, maintain and expand long-term export markets for U.S. agricultural products through cost-share assistance and the opportunity to work closely with FAS and its overseas offices.


Foreign-TRADE Zones In The United States

Provision of Specialized Services.

To help encourage domestic warehousing, manufacturing and processing activity. States and local communities use foreign-trade zones as part of their overall economic growth efforts to improve their international business service structure. In this...


Forensic DNA Backlog Reduction Program

Formula Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The goal of NIJ's Forensic DNA Backlog Reduction Program for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 is to assist eligible States and units of local government to reduce forensic DNA case turnaround time, increase the throughput of public DNA laboratories, and reduce...


Forest Health Protection

Formula Grants; Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

Protect non-Federal forest and tree resources from damaging forest insects, disease causing agents, and invasive plants; develop/improve forest health protection technologies; and monitor the health of our nation's forests.


Forest Land Enhancement Program

Project Grants.

With respect to the sustainable management of nonindustrial private forest and other rural lands suitable for sustainable forest management; provide technical and educational assistance; provide cost share for practices such as management plan...


Forest Legacy Program

Project Grants.

To effectively protect and conserve environmentally important forest areas that are threatened by conversion to nonforest uses, through conservation easements and other mechanism. The FLP is a voluntary private land conservation partnership between...


Forest Products Lab: Technology Marketing Unit (TMU)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

Increase the amount of biomass used from the National Forest and associated lands involved with hazardous fuel reduction activities. The program will is designed to assist small forest products businesses, State, local and Tribal governments, school...


Forest Stewardship Program

Project Grants.

To promote and enable the long-term active management of non-industrial private and other non-federal forest land to sustain the multiple values and uses that depend on such lands.


Forestry On Indian Lands

Direct Payments for Specified Use; Provision of Specialized Services; Advisory Services and Counseling.

To maintain, protect, enhance, and develop Indian forest resources through the execution of forest management activities.


Forestry Research

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To extend fundamental research activities of the Forest Service by awarding grants to nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and organizations engaged in renewable resources research.


Forests And Woodlands Resource Management

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Advisory Services and Counseling; Training.

To provide financial assistance, through grants or cooperative agreements, to public or private organizations for the improvement of forests on public lands. Improvements will include the maintenance of forest health, forest regeneration,...


Formula Grants For Other Than Urbanized Areas

Formula Grants.

To improve, initiate, or continue public transportation service in nonurbanized areas (rural and small areas under 50,000 population) and to provide technical assistance for rural transportation providers.


Fort Peck Reservation Rural Water System

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To ensure a safe and adequate municipal, rural, and industrial water supply for the residents of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in the State of Montana; and to assist the citizens in those portions of Roosevelt, Sheridan, Daniels, and Valley...


Fossil Energy Research And Development

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The mission of the Fossil Energy (FE) Research and Development program is to promote the development and use of environmentally and economically superior technologies for supply, conversion, delivery, utilization and reliability constraints of...


Foster CARE-Title IV-E

Formula Grants.

The Title IV-E Foster Care program helps States provide safe and stable out-of-home care for children under the jurisdiction of the State child welfare agency until the children are returned home safely; placed with adoptive families, or placed in...


Foster Grandparent Program

Project Grants.

The Foster Grandparent Program provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for the dual purpose of engaging persons 60 or older, with limited incomes, in volunteer service to meet critical community needs; and to provide a high quality...


Freely Associated States-Education Grant Program

Project Grants.

To support activities consistent with the purposes of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, including teacher training, curriculum development, instructional materials or general school improvement and school reform, and direct educational...


Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Program

Project Grants.

To assist States, through cash grants, in providing free fresh fruits and vegetables to school children in designated participating schools beginning in school year 2004/2005.


Fuel Tax Evasion-INTERGOVERNMENTAL Enforcement Effort

Project Grants.

To increase intergovernmental activities and enforcement efforts among public agencies to reduce Federal fuel tax evasion. Funds made available shall be used only to expand or enhance intergovernmental efforts to increase motor fuel tax enforcement...


Fund For Rural America-Research, Education, And Extension Activities

Project Grants.

The funding for Rural America (FRA) provides funds for rural development programs and for a competitive grant program to support research, education, and extension activities. CSREES administers the competitive grant program for the research,...


Fund For The Improvement Of Education

Project Grants.

To conduct nationally significant programs to improve the quality of education, assist all students to meet challenging State content standards, and contribute to the achievement of elementary and secondary students.


Fund For The Improvement Of Postsecondary Education

Project Grants.

To provide assistance for innovative programs that improve access to and the quality of postsecondary education.



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