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Federal Programs - Alphabetical Title L

Labor Force Statistics

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide statistical data on labor force activities and to provide data for analyzing the effect of current and long-run economic developments on employment trends.


Labor Mediation And Conciliation

Provision of Specialized Services; Advisory Services and Counseling.

To prevent or minimize work stoppages caused by disputes between labor and management in industries affecting the free flow of commerce; to provide mediation assistance in Federal labor disputes; to provide training and dispute resolution services...


Labor Organization Reports

Advisory Services and Counseling; Dissemination of Technical Information; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide for the reporting and disclosure of, financial transactions and administrative practices of labor organizations, employers, labor consultants and others required to report under the Landrum-Griffin Act; to provide standards for the...


Labor-Management Relations

Provision of Specialized Services; Investigation of Complaints.

To avoid or substantially minimize industrial strife affecting interstate commerce by providing orderly and peaceful procedures to protect the rights of employers, employees, labor organizations, and the general public, and to prevent unlawful...


Laboratory Leadership, Workforce Training And Management Development, Improving Public Health Laboratory Infrastructure

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To promote and maintain a collaborative relationship with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) that includes the National Laboratory Training Network (NLTN) and the National Laboratory Partnership (NLP) for the purpose of improving...


Laboratory Training, Evaluation, And Quality Assurance Programs

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To improve the quality of laboratory genetic testing practices relevant to clinical and public health settings and to determine standardized approaches to quality assurance in pathology and laboratory medicine that can be applied in multiple,...


Lake Champlain Basin Program

Project Grants.

To implement the Lake Champlain Basin Management Plan Opportunities for Action: An Evolving Plan for the Future of the Lake Champlain Basin, and to assist the states of New York and Vermont in protecting and preserving the Lake Champlain ecosystem....


Lamb Meat Adjustment Assistance Program

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

The purpose of this program is to provide benefits to sheep and lamb producers in order to reestablish their purchasing power in connection with the normal production of sheep and lambs for domestic consumption and boost the longterm development and...


Land Sales-Certain Subdivided Land

Dissemination of Technical Information; Investigation of Complaints.

To provide consumer protection by prohibiting fraudulent practices and requiring full disclosure of conditions surrounding the purchase of subdivided land covered by the Act.


Landowner Incentive Program

Project Grants.

This program establishes or supplements existing landowner incentive programs that provide technical or financial assistance. This includes habitat protection and restoration, to private landowners for the protection and management of habitat to...


Language Grant Program

Project Grants.

To foster foreign language training to Americans.


Language Resource Centers

Project Grants; Project Grants (Contracts).

To improve the Nation's capacity to teach and learn foreign languages effectively by supporting the establishment, strengthening, and operation of language resource centers at institutions of higher education.


Law Enforcement Assistance-FBI Advanced Police Training


To provide advanced training to experienced personnel of local, county, State, and selected Federal law enforcement agencies, with special emphasis on developing each graduate as a capable manager or administrator for his own department. To afford...


Law Enforcement Assistance-FBI Crime Laboratory Support

Provision of Specialized Services; Training.

To provide forensic services to the FBI and any other duly constituted law enforcement agency; and provide technical and forensic assistance through research, training, technology transfer and access to information and forensic databases.


Law Enforcement Assistance-FBI Field Police Training


To develop the professional skills of criminal justice personnel.


Law Enforcement Assistance-FBI Fingerprint Identification

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide fingerprint and arrest-record services to U.S. Government and criminal justice agencies; and to provide arrest- record services to State and local governmental authorities, as well as certain authorized nongovernmental entities for...


Law Enforcement Assistance-Narcotics And Dangerous Drugs Technical Laboratory Publications

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To disseminate scientific information on the detection and analysis of narcotics and dangerous drugs.


Law Enforcement Assistance-Narcotics And Dangerous Drugs Training


To acquaint appropriate professional and enforcement personnel with (1) techniques in the conduct of drug investigations; (2) aspects of physical security in legitimate drug distribution; (3) techniques in analysis of drugs for evidential purpose;...


Law Enforcement Assistance-Narcotics And Dangerous Drugs-Laboratory Analysis

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide technical assistance to dully constituted state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies regarding specialized forensic examinations involving drug evidence.


Law Enforcement Assistance-National Crime Information Center

Provision of Specialized Services.

The FBI National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is designed to complement the development of similar metropolitan and statewide criminal justice information systems and provide a computerized central index to documented files of local and State...


Law Enforcement Assistance-National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide a system so that any Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) could gain information, by telephone or by other electronic means, on whether receipt of a firearm by a prospective buyer would violate Federal or State laws through the proper...


Law Enforcement Assistance-Uniform Crime Reports

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To furnish data which will assist heads of law enforcement agencies in administration and operation of their departments. Further, to make information/data available to judges, penologists, sociologists, legislators, media, students, and others...


Law Enforcement Officer Reimbursement Agreement Program

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To support deployment of local law enforcement officers at airport screening checkpoints in accordance with C.F.R. 1542.215 and 217.


Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (Letpp)

Formula Grants.

The Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program (LETPP) seeks to provide law enforcement communities with enhanced capabilities for detecting, deterring, disrupting, and preventing acts of terrorism. LETPP is focusing on providing resources to law...


Law Enforcement Training And Technical Assistance

Provision of Specialized Services; Training.

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's (FLETC's) primary objective is to provide training to Federal law enforcement agencies; however, advanced and specialized training is also provided to State, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement...


Lead Educational Outreach And Baseline Assessment Of Tribal Children's Exposure And Risks Associated With Lead

Project Grants.

The Tribal Lead Grant Program for outreach and education is supported by EPA's goal to reduce childhood lead poisoning. The grant projects should support this goal by providing lead poisoning prevention education and blood-lead screening of Tribal...


Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant Program

Project Grants.

Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Grant assist State, Tribal, and local governments to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in privately-owned housing that is owned by or rented to low- or very-low income families. Specific objectives...


Lead Outreach Grants

Project Grants.

(1) Increase enrollment of low-income units in HUD or other lead hazard treatment programs. (2) Increase number of residents, housing owners, community leaders, maintenance and rehabilitation workers, and other related persons who are aware of and...


Lead Technical Studies Grants

Cooperative Agreements.

To fund technical studies to improve methods for detecting and controlling leadbased paint hazards.


Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control In Privately-Owned Housing

Project Grants.

Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control grants assist State, Tribal, and local governments to identify and control lead-based paint hazards in privately-owned housing that is owned by or rented to low- or very-low income families. Specific objectives...


Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund Program

Formula Grants.

To support State (including Territories that are included in the definition of "State" in the Solid Waste Disposal Act) and Tribal corrective action programs that address releases from underground storage tanks. Funding Priority - Fiscal Year 2008:...


Learn And Serve America-Higher Education

Project Grants.

This grant program has two main objectives: (1) To support high quality service learning projects that engage students in meeting community needs with demonstrable results, while enhancing students' academic and civic learning; and (2) to support...


Learn And Serve America-School And Community Based Programs

Project Grants.

To encourage elementary and secondary schools and community-based agencies to create, develop, and offer service- learning opportunities for school- age youth; educate teachers about service- learning and incorporate service-learning opportunities...


Legal Assistance For Victims

Project Grants (Discretionary).

These grants are for increasing the availability of civil and criminal legal services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in matters arising from the abuse or violence. The goal is to develop innovative,...


Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership

Formula Grants.

To provide grants to the States for use in programs of financial assistance to eligible postsecondary students.


Lewis And Clark Rural Water System

Project Grants.

To provide safe and adequate municipal, rural, and industrial water supplies, mitigation of wetland areas and water conservation for the Lewis and Clark Rural Water System member entities located in southeastern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota,...


Life Insurance For Veterans

Direct Loans.

To provide life insurance protection for veterans of World War I, World War II, Korean conflict, Vietnam conflict, Gulf era conflicts and service-disabled veterans separated from active duty on or after April 25, 1951, and to provide mortgage...


Lifespan Respite CARE Program

Cooperative Agreements

Under the Lifespan Respite Care Act, the purpose is to expand and enhance respite care services to family caregivers; improve the statewide dissemination and coordination of respite care; and to provide, supplement, or improve access and quality of...


Literacy Through School Libraries

Project Grants (Discretionary).

To provide students with increased access to up-to- date school library materials, a well-equipped technologically advanced school library media center, and well-trained, professionally certified school library media specialists to improve literacy...


Litigation Support For Indian Rights

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To establish or defend Indian property or treaty rights through judicial, administrative, or settlement actions.


Livestock Assistance Program

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To provide direct payments to eligible livestock producers who suffered grazing losses due to drought, hot weather, disease, insect infestation, fire, hurricane, flood, fire, earthquake, severe storm, or other disasters during the 2000 crop year....


Livestock Compensation Program

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

This program will provide immediate assistance to livestock producers in counties that have received primary disaster designation due to drought in 2001 and/or 2002.


Loan Guarantees For Native Hawaiian Housing

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To provide eligible Native Hawaiian families with greater access to private mortgage resources by guaranteeing loans for one-to four family housing located on Hawaiian Home Lands.


Loan Repayment Program For General Research

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To recruit and retain health professionals performing research in fields required by the NIH to carry out its mission by providing educational loan repayment for participants with substantial amounts of educational debt relative to income, who agree...


Local Veterans' Employment Representative Program

Formula Grants.

Conduct outreach to employers including conducting seminars for employers, conducting job search workshops and establishing job search groups; and to facilitate employment, training, and placement services furnished to veterans in a State under the...


Long Island Sound Program

Project Grants.

To (1) implement the Long Island Sound Study (LISS) Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) and (2) assist the states of Connecticut and New York, and other public or nonprofit entities in conducting research, experiments,...


Long Term Standing Agreements For Storage, Transpotation And Lease

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

Provide storage, transportation, and lease for wheat, grain and other commodities in support of Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) price supports. FSA State and County Office lease agreements. This CFDA program is being used to report Non FAR...


Longshore And Harbor Workers' Compensation

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To provide compensation for disability or death resulting from injury, including occupational disease, to eligible private employees.


Louisiana State University (LSU) Coastal Marine Institute (CMI)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

The Minerals Management Service Offshore Minerals Management and Minerals Revenue Management programs provide major economic and energy benefits on a national and local level to the taxpayers, States and the American Indian community. The Offshore...


Low-INCOME Home Energy Assistance

Formula Grants.

To make Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) grants available to States and other jurisdictions to assist eligible households to meet the costs of home energy. Supplemental Leveraging Incentive Funds may be awarded to reward States and...


Low-INCOME Taxpayer Clinics

Project Grants.

To provide matching grants to organizations providing: (1) Representation of low income taxpayers in controversies with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or (2) programs to inform individuals for whom English is a second language about their...


Low-Power Television And Translator Digital-To-Analog Conversion

Project Grants.

To convert the incoming digital signal of the eligible low-power station's corresponding full-power television station to analog format for transmission on the low-power television stations analog channel.


Lower Income Housing Assistance Program-SECTION 8 Moderate Rehabilitation

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To aid very low income families in obtaining decent, safe and sanitary rental housing.


Lower Rio Grande Valley Water Resources Conservation And Improvement

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To investigate and identify opportunities to improve the supply of water in the program area identified as the counties in the State of Texas in the Rio Grande Regional Water Planning Area known as Region M.


Lung Diseases Research

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To use available knowledge and technology to solve specific disease problems of the lungs; to promote further studies on the structure and function of the lung; and to achieve improvement in the prevention and treatment of lung diseases. Small...



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