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Federal Programs - Alphabetical Title P

Pacific Coast Salmon Recovery-Pacific Salmon Treaty Program

Project Grants.

This is a cooperative program that assists the States in salmon restoration and in fulfilling responsibilities under the Pacific Salmon Treaty by providing administrative management. Support is provided to treaty Indian tribes for salmon recovery...


Pacific Fisheries Data Program

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

This cooperative program provides support to State fishery agencies to enhance their data collection and analysis systems to respond to coast wide and insular area fisheries management needs. The program supports fisheries data collection and...


Parental Information And Resource Centers

Project Grants.

To provide grants to nonprofit organizations and nonprofit organizations in consortia with local education agencies (LEAs) to assist them in establishing parental information and resource centers. These centers strive to: (1) assist parents in...


Part E - Developing, Testing And Demonstrating Promising New Programs

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements or Contracts); Provision of Specialized Services.

To develop and implement programs that design, test, and demonstrate effective approaches, techniques and methods for preventing and controlling juvenile delinquency such as community based- alternatives to institutional confinement; developing and...


Partners For Fish And Wildlife

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

Provide technical and financial assistance to private landowners and Native American Tribes interested in voluntarily restoring or otherwise improving native habitats for fish and wildlife on their lands.


Partnership Agreements To Develop Noninsurance Risk Management Tools For Producers (Farmers)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To develop risk management tools (risk management tools do not include insurance products, plans of insurances, policies, modifications thereof or any related material) for the U. S. agriculture producers with an emphasis on specialty crop(s)...


Patent And Trademark Technical Information Dissemination

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To promote the continued growth of American technology and commerce through the utilization and dissemination of technical information available through patents and trademarks, and maintenance of public search centers containing patents and...


Paul Coverdell Forensic Sciences Improvement Grant Program

Formula Grants.

To improve the quality and timeliness of forensic science and medical examiner services and/or to eliminate backlogs in the analysis of forensic evidence, including controlled substances, firearms examination, forensic pathology, latent prints,...


Payments For Essential Air Services

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To assure that air transportation is provided to eligible communities by subsidizing air carriers when necessary to provide service.


Payments For Small Community Air Service Development

Project Grants.

To help smaller communities enhance their air service and increase access to the national transportation system.


Payments In Lieu Of Taxes

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use; Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To compensate local taxing units (usually County governments) for the loss of taxes from Federally-owned and acquired lands. Payment amounts are determined by several codified formulas (U.S.C. 6901-6907) and is designed to supplement other Federal...


Payments To 1890 Land-Grant Colleges And Tuskegee University

Formula Grants.

To support continuing agricultural research at colleges eligible to receive funds under the Act of August 30, 1890 (26 Stat. 417-419, as amended; 7 U.S.C. 321- 326 and 328), including Tuskegee University. Its purpose is to promote efficient...


Payments To Agricultural Experiment Stations Under The Hatch Act

Formula Grants.

To support agricultural research at State Agricultural Experiment Stations. Its purpose is to promote efficient production, marketing, distribution, and utilization of products of the farm as essential to the health and welfare of people and to...


Payments To States In Lieu Of Real Estate Taxes

Formula Grants.

To compensate local taxing units for the loss of taxes from federally acquired lands, 75 percent of all monies received or deposited in the Treasury during any fiscal year for the account of leasing of lands acquired by the United States for flood...


Peanut Quota Buyout Program

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To terminate the marketing quota program for peanuts and offer compensation to the peanut quota holders for losses in quota asset value. The 2002 Farm Bill repeals part IV of subtitle B of Title III of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938,...


Pension For Non-Service-Connected Disability For Veterans

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To assist wartime veterans in need whose non-service- connected disabilities are permanent and total preventing them from following a substantially gainful occupation.


Pension Plan Termination Insurance


To encourage the continuation and maintenance of voluntary private pension plans for the benefit of their participants, to provide for the timely and uninterrupted payment of pension benefits to participants and beneficiaries in plans covered by the...


Pension To Veterans Surviving Spouses, And Children

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To assist needy surviving spouses, and children of deceased war-time veterans whose deaths were not due to service.


Performance And Registration Information Systems Management

Formula Grants.

To identify motor carriers responsible for the safety of commercial motor vehicles and monitor the safety fitness of those motor carriers by linking the vehicle registration process to safety performance monitoring and enforcement. Furthermore,...


Performance Partnership Grants

Formula Grants; Project Grants.

Improving EPA's partnership with the states and tribes is critical to accelerating environmental outcomes. Performance Partnership Grants (PPGs) are the cornerstone of the National Environmental Performance Partnership System (NEPPS)- EPA's strategy...


Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act

Investigation of Complaints.

To suppress unfair and fraudulent practices in the marketing of perishable agricultural commodities in interstate and foreign commerce. To prevent the destruction or dumping, without good and sufficient cause of farm produce received in interstate...


Perkins County Rural Water System

Project Grants.

To ensure conservation of the resources and to make the systems functional under the new water supply system.


Perkins Loan Cancellations

Direct Payments for Specified Use; Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To reimburse institutions for their share of loans canceled for Perkins Loan recipients who become teachers or who perform full-time active military service in the U.S. Armed Forces, and to restore to institutional revolving funds the full amounts...


Permanent Labor Certification For Foreign Workers

Provision of Specialized Services.

To protect the jobs of American workers; ensure the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers will not be adversely affected by the admission of permanent foreign workers; and assist employers by supplementing the work force with needed skills.


Personal Census Search

Provision of Specialized Services.

To retrieve personal information from decennial records and provide an official census transcript to qualified individuals for proof of age, citizenship, family relationships, or satisfy other situations where a birth certificate is required but not...


Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Regional Grants

Project Grants.

To provide risk reduction from the use of pesticides in agricultural and non-agricultural settings in the United States. The objective is to provide risk reduction from the use of pesticides in agricultural and non-agricultural settings in the...


PHMSA Pipeline Safety Program One Call Grant

Project Grants (Discretionary).

To provide funding to State agencies in promoting damage prevention, including changes with their State underground damage prevention laws, related compliance activities, training and public education.


Pilot Program For National And State Background Checks--Direct Patient Access For Long-Term CARE

Project Grants.

To establish a pilot program to identify efficient, effective, and economical procedures for long-term care facilities or providers to conduct background checks on prospective direct patient access employees.


Pipeline Safety Program Base Grants

Formula Grants.

To develop and maintain State natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and hazardous liquid pipeline safety programs.


Planning And Negotiation Cooperative Agreement

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To make financial assistance awards to Indian tribes to enable them to assume programs, functions, services, and activities (PFSA) with respect to which Indian tribes or Indians are primary or significant beneficiaries, administered by the...


Planning And Program Development Grants

Project Grants.

Innovation grants support innovative demonstration service programs that build the ethic of service among Americans of all ages and backgrounds. These include the AmeriCorps Education Award Program, AmeriCorps Promise Fellows, Martin Luther King,...


Planning Assistance To States

Provision of Specialized Services.

To cooperate with any State in the preparation of comprehensive plans for the development, utilization and conservation of water and related land resources of drainage basins located within the boundaries of such State.


Plant And Animal Disease, Pest Control, And Animal CARE

Project Grants.

To protect U.S. agriculture from economically injurious plant and animal diseases and pests, ensure the safety and potency of veterinary biologic, and ensure the humane treatment of animals.


Plant Materials For Conservation

Provision of Specialized Services.

To assemble, evaluate, select, release, and introduce into commerce, and promote the use of new and improved plant materials for soil, water, and related resource conservation and environmental improvement programs. To develop technology for land...


Podiatric Residency Training In Primary CARE

Project Grants.

To plan and implement projects in preventive and primary care training for podiatric physicians in approved or provisional residency programs that shall provide financial assistance in the form of traineeships to residents participating in such...


Poison Control Stabilization And Enhancement Grants

Project Grants.

To assist in the promotion of financial stability for poison control centers, support certification of uncertified centers,, and improve or increase accessibility to poison prevention and control programs and services.


Polar Programs

Project Grants.

To strengthen and enhance the national scientific enterprise through the expansion of fundamental knowledge and increased understanding of the polar regions. To encourage and support basic research in the Arctic and Antarctic focused on the solid...


Policy Research And Evaluation Grants

Project Grants.

To support research that is relevant to policy development and evaluation of current and proposed programs of interest to the Secretary, the Administration, and the Congress. Priorities include: (1) Issues of long-term care, disability, and personal...


Pollution Prevention Grants Program

Project Grants.

The Pollution Prevention (P2) Grant Program and the Pollution Prevention Information Network (PPIN) Grant Program are supported by the Pollution Prevention Act of 1990 to provide pollution prevention technical assistance to businesses. Under these...


Port Security Grant Program

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide funds to port areas for the protection of critical port infrastructure from terrorism. To assist ports enhancing maritime domain awareness, improving risk management capabilities to prevent, detect, respond to and recover from attacks...


Port Security Grant Program (ARRA)

Cooperative Agreements; Project Grants

To create a sustainable program for the protection of regulated ports from terrorism, with special emphasis on construction projects which address the most significant risks and can also be completed in a timely fashion.


Port Security Research And Development Grant

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To identify technology solutions for port security through research and development that will provide end products that meet or exceed the following four priorities: Cargo Information Action Center, Passengers and Vehicles Screening on Ferries,...


Post-VIETNAM Era Veterans' Educational Assistance

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide educational assistance to persons entering the Armed Forces after December 31, 1976, and before July 1, 1985; to assist persons in obtaining an education they might otherwise not be able to afford; and to promote and assist the all...


Pre-Disaster Mitigation

Project Grants.

To provide States and communities with a much needed source of pre-disaster mitigation funding for cost-effective hazard mitigation activities that are part of a comprehensive mitigation program, and that reduce injuries, loss of life, and damage...


Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (PSAAP)

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

(1) To foster the science of building integrated, multi-scale, and multi-physics codes with the primary focus on code validation and verification to help advance the newly emergent predictive science in academia; (2) to promote and sustain...


President's Committee For People With Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID)


To advise the President on issues pertaining to people with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation).


President's Council On Physical Fitness And Sports

Advisory Services and Counseling.

PCPFS has no grant making authority; the Council has no funds available to offer any type of financial assistance. The objectives of the PCPFS are confined to promotion of physical activity and fitness for Americans of all ages by encouraging...


Presidential Declared Disaster Assistance - Disaster Housing Operations For Individuals And Households

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To address disaster-related housing needs of individuals and households suffering hardship within an area which, by Presidential declaration, has been designated as a disaster area.


Presidential Declared Disaster Assistance To Individuals And Households - Other Needs

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide assistance to individuals and households affected by a disaster or emergency declared by the President, and enable them to address necessary expenses and serious needs, which cannot be met through other forms of disaster assistance or...


Presidential Management Intern Program

Federal Employment; Training; Provision of Specialized Services.

To attract to the Federal service graduate students of exceptional potential who are receiving advanced degrees in a variety of academic disciplines and who have a clear interest in and a commitment to a career in the analysis and management of...


Prevention Advocacy Resources And Data Exchange Program

Project Grants.

To assist State and local fire marshals to implement prevention programs and conduct other networking activities with their counterparts. Provide financial assistance to the Prevention Advocacy Resources and Data Exchange (PARADE) regional networks...


Preventive Health And Health Services Block Grant

Formula Grants.

To provide States with the resources to improve the health status of the population of each grantee through: (A) activities leading to the accomplishment of the year 2000/2010 objectives for the nation; (B) rodent control and community-school...


Preventive Health Services-Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Grants

Project Grants.

To reduce morbidity and mortality by preventing cases and complications of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Project grants under Section 318c awarded to State and local health departments emphasize the development and implementation of...


Preventive Health Services-Sexually Transmitted Diseases Research, Demonstrations, And Public Information And Education Grants

Project Grants.

To develop, improve, apply, and evaluate methods for the prevention and control of gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and other sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) through demonstrations and applied research; to develop, improve, apply, and evaluate...


Prices And Cost Of Living Data

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide statistical data for assisting in the evaluation of consumer, producer, export and import prices and price changes, and consumer expenditures.


Prime Technical Assistance

Project Grants.

To increase the number of microenterprises and to enhance the management capability of microentrepreneurs to provide training and technical assistance at little or no cost to microentrepreneur and/or microenterprises to assist in starting, expanding...


Prisoner Reentry Initiative Demonstration (Offender Reentry)

Project Grants (Discretionary).

The Offender Reentry Initiative (Reentry Grant Program) is a combined federal effort to assist jurisdictions in facing the challenges presented by the return of offenders from prison to the community. The goal is to support the effective delivery of...


Procurement Assistance To Small Businesses

Provision of Specialized Services.

To assist small business in obtaining a "fair" share of contracts and subcontracts for Federal government supplies and services and a "fair" share of property sold by the government.


Procurement Of Headstones And Markers And/Or Presidential Memorial Certificates

Direct Payments for Specified Use; Provision of Specialized Services.

To furnish lasting memorials for the graves of veterans and eligible family members throughout the world and honor the service of the veteran through Presidential Memorial Certificates.


Procurement Technical Assistance For Business Firms

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To increase assistance by the DoD for eligible entities furnishing PTA to business entities, and to assist eligible entities in the payment of the costs of establishing and carrying out new PTA Programs and maintaining existing PTA Programs.


Productivity And Technology Data

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide and analyze data on productivity in major sectors of the U.S. economy and specific industries and develop productivity and other measures for selected countries.


Professional Exchanges-Annual Open Grant

Project Grants.

To foster, improve, and strengthen international relations of the United States by promoting mutual understanding among the peoples of the world through educational and professional exchanges.


Program For Study Of Eastern Europe And The Independent States Of The Former Soviet Union

Project Grants.

To sustain and strengthen American expertise on the independent states of the former Soviet Union and countries of Southeast Europe, by supporting graduate training; advanced research; public dissemination of research data, methods, and findings;...


Program Of Protection And Advocacy Of Individual Rights

Formula Grants.

To provide grants for States to support systems for protection and advocacy for the rights of individuals with disabilities who are ineligible for advocacy services from the other protection and advocacy programs or whose problems fall outside the...


Program Of Research On The Economic Of Invasive Species Management (PREISM)

Dissemination of Technical Information.

To provide economic and other social science information and analysis for public and private decisions on agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. ERS produces such information for use by the general public and to help the executive...


Project Grants And Cooperative Agreements For Tuberculosis Control Programs

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To assist State and local health agencies in carrying out tuberculosis (TB) control activities designed to prevent transmission of infection and disease. Financial assistance is provided to TB programs to ensure that the program needs for the core...


Projects For Assistance In Transition From Homelessness (Path)

Formula Grants.

To provide financial assistance to States to support services for individuals who are suffering from serious mental illness or serious mental illness and substance abuse; and are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless. Programs and...


Projects With Industry

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To create and expand job and career opportunities for individuals with disabilities in the competitive labor market by partnering with private industry to provide job training and placement, and career advancement services.


Promote The Survival And Continuing Vitality Of Native American Languages

Project Grants.

To provide financial assistance to eligible applicants for the purpose of three the survival and continued vitality of native languages. This program area is divided into three categories: Category I Assessment Grants are 12-month projects to be...


Promoting Safe And Stable Families

Formula Grants; Project Grants (Discretionary).

To fund family preservation that serve families at risk or in crisis, including the following services: reunification and adoption services, preplacement/preventive services, follow-up services after return of a child from foster care, respite care,...


Promotion Of The Arts-Partnership Agreements

Formula Grants; Project Grants; Advisory Services and Counseling.

To develop and maintain partnerships with the state and jurisdictional arts agencies (SAAs) and their regional organizations (RAOs) to advance the mission of the National Endowment for the Arts.


Promotion Of The Arts-Grants To Organizations And Individuals

Project Grants.

To support excellence in the arts, both new and established; bring the arts to all Americans; and provide leadership in arts education.


Promotion Of The Humanities-Division Of Preservation And Access

Project Grants.

To fund projects that will promote preserving, creating, and providing intellectual access to resources held in libraries, museums, archives, historical organizations, and other collections that are important for research, education, and public...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Federal/State Partnership

Formula Grants.

To promote local, statewide, and regional humanities programming through annual grants to humanities councils in each of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and American...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Public Programs

Project Grants.

To provide opportunities for the American public to explore human history and culture through humanities programs in museums, historical organizations, libraries, community centers, and other gathering places, as well as on public television and...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Research

Project Grants.

To strengthen the intellectual foundations of the humanities through the collaboration of scholars and the support of post-doctoral fellowship programs at independent research institutions and at digital humanities centers.


Promotion Of The Humanities-We The People

Project Grants; Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

AUTHORIZATION: To support scholarly, educational, preservation, and public projects that explore significant events and themes in our nation's history and culture and that advance knowledge of the principles that define America.


Promotion Of The Humanities-Challenge Grants

Project Grants.

To support educational and cultural institutions and organizations in order to increase their financial stability and to sustain or improve the quality of humanities programs, services, or resources. Normally, institutions requesting their first NEH...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Fellowships And Stipends

Project Grants (Fellowships).

Fellowships and Summer Stipends provide support for scholars to undertake full-time independent research and writing in the humanities. Grants are available for 6 to 12-month fellowships and 2 months of summer study. Faculty Research Awards...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Office Of Digital Humanities

Project Grants.

To support projects that utilize or study the impact of digital technology, including those that deploy digital technologies and methods to enhance our understanding of a topic or issue; those that study the impact of digital technology on the...


Promotion Of The Humanities-Professional Development

Project Grants.

Seminars and Institutes promote better teaching and research in the humanities through faculty development. Landmarks of American History and Culture, part of the NEH We the People initiative, promote better pre-collegiate and community college...


Promotion Of The Humanities-TEACHING And Learning Resources And Curriculum Development

Project Grants.

Humanities Initiatives at Presidentially Designated Institutions--Historically Black, High Hispanic Enrollment, and Tribal Colleges and Universities-- strengthen humanities teaching and learning at these institutions.


Property Improvement Loan Insurance For Improving All Existing Structures And Building Of New Nonresidential Structures

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To facilitate the financing of improvements to homes and other existing structures and the building of new nonresidential structures.


Protecting Inmates And Safeguarding Communities Discretionary Grant Program

Project Grants (Discretionary).

To make grants to States and to assist those States in ensuring that budgetary circumstances (such as reduced State and local spending on prisons) do not compromise efforts to protect male and female inmates in adult and juvenile correctional...


Protection And Advocacy For Individuals With Mental Illness

Formula Grants.

To enable the expansion of the Protection and Advocacy system established in each State to: (1) Protect and advocate the rights of individuals with mental illness; (2) investigate incidents of abuse and neglect of individuals with mental illness if...


Protection Of Children And Older Adults (Elderly) From Environmental Health Risks

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To support efforts by organizations; educational institutions; and/or State, local, and tribal governmental agencies to establish or enhance their ability to take actions that will reduce environmental risks to the health of children or the aging...


Protection Of Essential Highways, Highway Bridge Approaches, And Public Works

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide bank protection of highways, highway bridges, essential public works, churches, hospitals, schools, and other nonprofit public services endangered by flood-caused erosion.


Protection Of Voting Rights

Provision of Specialized Services.

To provide protection of an individual's right to register and vote in all local, State and Federal elections without discrimination based on race, color, membership in a language minority group, or age. To assure the rights of persons who are...


Protection, Clearing And Straightening Channels

Provision of Specialized Services.

To restore channels for purposes of navigation or flood control.


Providing Water To At-Risk Natural Desert Terminal Lakes

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

Under this authority, Reclamation will fund various activities that will provide water to at-risk natural desert terminal lakes or fund earmarked activities.


Public Alert Radios For Schools

Project Grants.

To disseminate public alerts and warnings by providing Public Alert Radios to eligible schools. Public alerts and warnings can be disseminated nationwide, regionally, or locally. This program will: a) expand delivery of public alert services to...


Public And Indian Housing

Direct Payments for Specified Use.

To provide and operate cost-effective, decent, safe and affordable dwellings for lower income families through an authorized local Public Housing Agency (PHA).


Public And Indian Housing-INDIAN Loan Guarantee Program

Guaranteed/Insured Loans.

To provide homeownership opportunities to Native Americans, Tribes, Indian Housing Authorities including Tribally Designated Housing Entities (TDHEs), and Indian Housing Authorities on Indian land, through a guaranteed mortgage loan program...


Public Awareness Campaigns On Embryo Adoption

Project Grants.

To fund public awareness campaigns on embryo adoption.


Public Buildings Service

Provision of Specialized Services.

To cultivate innovative regional coordination, design, and planning practices for accommodating federal offices in the Washington region over the next half-century. Decisions about the form, nature, and location of federal work will have a...


Public Health And Social Services Emergency Fund

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To provide supplemental funding for public health and social service emergencies.


Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements).

To develop emergency-ready public health departments by upgrading, integrating and evaluating State and local public health jurisdictions preparedness for and response to terrorism, pandemic influenza, and other public health emergencies with...


Public Health Research Accreditation Project

Project Grants.

To assess the role of accreditation of human research protection programs to enhance protections afforded to persons involved in the full-range of public health research programs, e.g., epidemiologic research, health services research, and social...


Public Health Traineeships

Formula Grants.

To support traineeships for students in graduate educational programs in accredited schools of public health and to other public or nonprofit private institutions accredited for the provision of graduate or specialized training in Public Health...


Public Health Training Centers Grant Program

Project Grants.

To improve the Nation's public health system by strengthening the technical, scientific, managerial and leadership competencies and capabilities of the current and future public health workforce. Emphasis is placed on developing the existing public...


Public Housing Capital Fund

Formula Grants.

The Capital Fund provides funds annually to Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) for capital and management activities, including modernization and development of public housing. The Capital fund also permits PHAs to use Capital Funds for financing...


Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency Under Resident Opportunity And Supportive Services

Project Grants.

To promote the development of local strategies to coordinate the use of assistance under the Public Housing program with public and private resources to enable participating families to achieve economic independence and housing self-sufficiency.


Public Housing Neighborhood Networks Grants

Project Grants.

To provide Public Housing Authorities with funding to create community technology centers which provide Internet access, job training, and other supportive services to residents of public housing.


Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program

Project Grants.

To assist public safety agencies in the acquisition of, deployment of, or training for the use of interoperable communications systems that can utilize or enable interoperability with communications systems that can utilize reallocated public safety...


Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

To provide a $275,658 death benefit (FY 2005) to the eligible survivors of Federal, State or local public safety officers whose death is the direct and proximate result of a personal (traumatic) injury sustained in the line of duty. Effective...


Public Safety Officers' Educational Assistance

Direct Payments with Unrestricted Use.

The PSOEA Program, an expansion of the Federal Law Enforcement Dependents Assistance (FLEDA) Program, provides financial assistance for higher education to the spouses and children of public safety officers killed in line of duty. The PSOEA Program...


Public Safety Partnership And Community Policing Grants

Project Grants.

To advance the practice of community policing as an effective strategy in communities' efforts to improve public safety. COPS grants support innovative programs that respond directly to the existing and emerging needs of state, local, and tribal law...


Public Telecommunications Facilities Planning And Construction

Project Grants.

To assist in the planning, acquisition, installation, and modernization of public telecommunications facilities, through planning grants and matching construction grants, in order to: (a) extend delivery of public telecommunications services to as...


Public Television Station Digital Transition Grant Program

Project Grants.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ordered all television broadcasters to initiate the broadcast of a digital television signal and to cease analog television broadcasts. The result of this conversion will be a new, high performance...


Public Transportation Research

Project Grants (Cooperative Agreements); Dissemination of Technical Information; Training.

The Federal Transit Administration's research program seeks to deliver solutions that improve public transportation. Its primary goals are to increase transit ridership, improve safety and emergency preparedness, improve capital operating...



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